Acne Dos and Don'ts for Clear, Beautiful Skin

Woman popping pimple

While it's a near given in the teenage years, acne doesn't always stop when one hits adulthood. Caused by an excess production of oil in the skin's sebaceous gland, acne is the most common skin disorder in the United States, affecting upward of 85 million people at some point in their lives. In fact, upward of 20 percent of all American adults have active acne.

Common causes of acne are a mix of avoidable and unavoidable factors including:

  • Genetics
  • Hormones
  • Prescribed Medications
  • Oil-Based cosmetics
  • Stress
  • Physical irritation
  • Humidity and Environmental pollutants

The good news is that acne is highly manageable. Avanti Medical Spa in St. Augustine offers these skincare dos and don'ts for keeping acne at bay.

DO …

  • DO wash your hair regularly, especially if you have oily hair. That's because the oil in your hair mixed with the product you put on your hair could travel down to your face, making your skin even more susceptible to breakouts. 
  • DO use a high-quality cleanser. Clean skin is healthy skin, so don't skimp on this one, especially at bedtime. Oily and combination skin is more prone to acne, so opt for a gel cleanser. Normal to dry skin is best treated with a cream cleanser. 
  • DO treat yourself to regular skincare treatments designed to combat acne. Among the most effective is the Isolaz IPL Photofacial, which uses intense, pulsed light that penetrates skin at the deepest layers to target multiple types of acne. 
  • DO adopt a nutritious diet that includes low-fat, whole (not processed) foods. Avoid hormone-laden dairy products, opting for organic brands instead. And be sure to drink plenty of water.


  • DON'T touch. Unless you're cleansing or moisturizing your skin, consider your face and neck a hands-off zone. Anything and everything you touch can be teeming with acne-causing germs and bacteria. So, wash your hands frequently and avoid touching your fingers to your skin.
  • DON'T scrub your skin. While exfoliating generally is great for your skin and may seem a natural tactic for clearing away acne, it's not always the best choice. For those with heavy acne, exfoliating can cause inflammation and redness. Instead, opt for a chemical peel performed by a skincare professional who can recommend the best at-home skincare products for your unique condition. 
  • DON'T tan. The sun's powerful UV rays and artificial rays created by tanning beds can damage and weaken your skin, making it more susceptible to all sorts of issues including acne. Wear protective clothing and accessories including sunglasses and wide-brimmed hats. And never venture out into the sun without applying a quality, high-SPF sun block like Avanti Rx Sunbrella 45 for Women or Sport Shade 45 for Men. 
  • DON'T pop or pick. Popping that pimple can be oh, so tempting - until you consider the risks. When a pimple's outer skin, the bacteria that had been kept contained splatters and can land on other pores, leading to more pimples. Also, picking at a pimple can force the debris and bacterial deeper into your skin and even introduce additional bacteria from your fingers. This can cause a pimple to become redder, more inflamed, swollen and infected. It also can lead to permanent scarring.

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