Eight Things You Didn't Know Were Affecting Your Skin

shutterstock_75508042.jpgIt's well known that your diet, exercise level and sun exposure can affect your skin. But many other factors play a role in your skin's condition and appearance too. In fact, the daily onslaught can involve things you had no idea would make a difference, say skincare specialists with Avanti Medical Spa. Here are eight of them:

  1. Mobile phones: Talking on your cell or smart phone affects your skin in two ways. First, heat and oil buildup on the portions of your phone that touch your face can cause clogged pores and early signs of aging. Use a hands-free device instead. Also, reading that tiny text on your smart phone screens forces you to squint, causing wrinkles around your eyes and on your forehead. Check your email and social media sites on your home computer intead.
  2. Fingernails: Lots of gunk can collect beneath your fingernails in a day's time, spreading dirt and bacteria to your skin with the slightest scratch of an itch. Wash your hands often, paying special attention to cleaning beneath your nails.
  3. Bedding, towels and clothing: Just one night's sleep, one wipe-down with a towel and one day's wearing your favorite collared top can leave behind bacteria. Launder them often.
  4. Posture: Your mother always told you to sit up and stand up straight - not just for your bones, but for your skin, too. Sitting for extended periods of time shortens the tendons and ligaments, and compresses the spine and blood vessels in your midsection and legs. Slouching similarly compresses musc les. Both limit the flow of blood and oxygen to your skin. Keep your spine straight, pull your muscles back and push your chest forward. Also, take a brisk walk every few hours on days you'll be sitting for long periods of time.
  5. Shower and bath temperature: That hot shower sure feels great after a long day. But it's actually drying and damaging your skin, too. Use cooler water, which is gentler and stimulates nerves beneath your skin that promote circulation. Also be sure to moisturize your skin immediately following your shower.
  6. Computer and TV screens: Computer and television monitors emit blue light that stimulates your brain. This light can have a dulling effect on your skin. Plus the continual stimulation can cause you to have trouble sleeping, increasing stress and causing a PH imbalance in your skin.
  7. Air: The air in there can have a significant effect on your skin. Air conditioning and heat can dry out the air inside your home or office, in turn drying out your skin. Plus, illnesses can spread in the air circulating between persons. A soft breeze can cool your skin, improving circulation and allowing your skin to better absorb nutrients.
  8. Pets: There's no question that our beloved pets help reduce stress and improve your health and quality of life. Just be sure that you keep them well groomed, as their fur can carry irritants that affect your skin.

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