Got Scars? Let Avanti Medical Spa Minimize or Erase them with Fraxel Skin Resurfacing


Acne scars and surgical scars can be a source of embarrassment and frustration for women and men alike. But having a scar doesn’t mean you have to live with it forever. With customized Fraxel skin resurfacing, St. Augustine's Avanti Medical Spa has helped hundreds of patients regain their looks and confidence.

Fraxel uses a non-invasive technology known as "fractional photothermolysis" to treat various skin blemishes including scars, pre-cancerous lesions, wrinkles and photo-damaged skin. It works by actually creating small areas of new injury in the skin using light energy. Though this may seem counterintuitive to eradicating scars and other blemishes, it's actually a bit of a brilliant trick, so to speak. You see, that new injury combined with the laser light energy stimulates the surrounding healthy skin and underlying collagen cells to intervene and work to heal and rejuvenate the entire area.

Because Fraxel can be highly targeted, only the damaged skin and that immediately surrounding it is affected, allowing for a truly customized treatment. So, results are tightly focused and highly effective, and downtime is minimal. Besides regenerating collagen, minimizing scars and reducing wrinkles, Fraxel skin resurfacing also can be used to treat sun damage, brown spots, freckles and stretch marks.

Don't let an acne, surgical or other scar continue to mar your complexion. Contact Avanti Medical Spa at 904-461-6797 and schedule a consultation today.