How to Banish Under-Eye Bags, Circles & Hollows


Tired of looking tired? If puffy, dark or hollowed skin under your eyes is aging your look and making you constantly appear ready for a nap, you're in luck. Depending upon the cause and severity of the problem, solutions range from simple habit changing to non-invasive IPL therapy.

The first step, says Dr. Kalpana de Pasquale, founder of St. Augustine's Avanti Medical Spa, is to identify just what's causing your sleepy look:

  • Morning under-eye puffiness: Seasonal allergies, a cold or sinus infection, a salty dinner and one-too-many cocktails all are common causes of those morning-after bags under your eyes. Luckily, you can make short work of these with a few simple habit changes. Cut your salt and/or alcohol intake, especially later in the evenings, and drink more water. Be sure to take your makeup off before going to bed and avoid rubbing your eyes. And, if you're a side or stomach sleeper, retrain yourself to sleep on your back instead. This helps keep gravity from pulling fluids into the hollow beneath your eyes. 
  • Dark circles: If you have lingering dark circles under your eyes, it may be a sign of something more lasting than last night's margarita. In fact, it may be a feature you've inherited, particularly if you're of Asian or African ethnicity. Or, it may simply be a factor of aging, which brings with it thinning skin below the eyes and exposing of tiny blood vessels lying just beneath the skin's surface. Concealing makeup, eye creams that contain caffeine, or skin lightening creams made with hydroquinone or kogic acid may provide temporary help. A more lasting solution is IPL treatment. Avanti Medical Spa uses the Isolaz IPL Photofacial system which uses intense pulsed light to penetrate the skin's deepest layers and stimulate collagen production. 
  • Hollow eyes: More pronounced and persistent hollowness under your eyes can add years to your look. But, they're also easily treatable with expertly administered dermal fillers like Radiesse, Juvederm or Restylane.

If your eyes are consistently making you appear older or sleepier than you are, contact Avanti Medical Spa. Whether via one of our patented skincare products, a dermal filler or IPL laser treatment, our expert aestheticians can help you determine the best approach to regaining a firm, smooth, more youthful look to your eyes. Call 904-461-6797 to schedule a consultation today.