HydraFacial: What It Is And How It Works

Like most things, rejuvenation of the skin requires a bit of creation and a bit of destruction. One part nurtures new, healthy skin cell growth, while the other scours away dead skin cells to uncover the youthful visage. Up until recently, these were separate steps, separate processes. That is until Edge Systems rocked the cosmetic market with their new product and facial treatment system, Hydrafacial.

Hydrafacial is classified as “hydradermabrasion”, a marriage of moisturizing and microdermabrasion. A treatment specifically designed to peel away old skin layers, it often involved the blasting of the skin with tiny crystals and a vacuum to clean it all up. Even the more cutting edge tips, such as particle-free diamond tips and bristles, were unable to overcome the irritation generally caused the abrasive scraping of the face, but Hydrafacial, with a simple but revolutionary synthesis of both sides of skin care, has succeeded where mini-sand-blasters failed.

Hydrafacial combines the microdermabrasion action, powered by Edge Systems’s Hydropeel tip with spiral of abrasive surfaces, with a solution that hydrates, cleanses, and infuses the young skin even at the deepest layers of dermis. The serum applied is immaculately designed with botanical and scientific formulas that deep cleanse and heal the skin from within, while the older, outer shell is removed.

The treatment is generally performed with a wand, covered with the Hydropeel tip and coated with the facial solution. The tip rotates at a shallow pitch to scrape off dead skin and waste particles while a vacuum is created to divert all the waste and prevent contamination. As the tip rotates, the facial solution is massaged into the skin, healing and hydrating the newly revealed skin.

Due to the impressive technicality and foresight of this new treatment, every facet of the application has been streamlined. The innovative design of the head itself has proven very effective at ex-foliation, whereas the inclusion of a hydrating solution helps to cut down greatly on post-procedure irritation, in effect riviving healthy skin beneath the initial layer. Once the dead weight skin cells are removed, the topical formula reaches the target parts of the skin more quickly and more directly.

Avanti Medical Spa provides these services everyday with the experience and comfort you expect from our staff and practice. We hope to share this incredible product with you soon! Take a look at the video below, from the official Hydrafacial YouTube video channel featuring the system on CBS's the Doctor's Show in February or 2011.