Why is Avanti Medical Spa different from others?

Here at Avanti Medical Spa we offer the most advanced fractional and radio frequency technologies. We offer the latest generation equipment, Fraxel Dual and Thermage CPT. Avanti Medical Spa is the only medical spa within 30 miles with the Thermage comfort pulse technology and Fraxel Dual.

Thermage CPT™ enhances the way the RF energy is delivered so that a greater volume of tissue can reach therapeutic temperatures resulting in improved efficacy.  A newly designed vibrating hand piece increases patient comfort while increasing the effectiveness of the treatment. The older versions of Thermage were more painful to the patient causing them to turn down the level of RF delivered thus causing less noticeable results and the need for more treatments.

Fraxel Dual is the newest machine from Solta Medical. The older Fraxel restore required a series of treatments (4-6) separated by about 2 to 3 weeks. The Dual’s 1550 has been modified to be faster, more effective, and more comfortable than the prior Fraxel re:store laser. Usually patients will require 3 instead of 4 treatments with this laser as compared to the previous version. It is also effective for the treatment of acne, traumatic, and surgical scars.

Fraxel Dual laser adds another laser to the restore laser. The new wavelength is 1927 nanometers; it is a Thulium laser.1927nm is very specific and effective at treating brown pigment including sun spots, Actinic Keratosis (AK), aging spots, and melasma. In a single treatment, remarkable clearance of pigment occurs within 7 to 10 days. The treatment is very tolerable, either with or without numbing cream. The face as well as the entire body can be treated. Unlike IPL treatments, usually 1 to 2 treatments are all that are necessary for fresh rosy skin. Another advantage of the Dual is that the two laser treatments can be combined at the same treatment session for those patients who desire a deeper treatment for collagen stimulation along with eradication of brown spots.

Here at Avanti Medical Spa we offer the most advanced fractional technologies.   The Fraxel brand and technology is heavily patented.  Our technologies allows the technician to change spot size, depth of penetration and % coverage while other systems are fixed at one % coverage and restrained to only increasing energy to get more aggressive.   This process has limitation to depth (about 750 microns) while Fraxel depth of penetration is up to 1400 microns.   As a result, we get far better results for deep indications SAFELY.

YAG or Erbium only penetrates about 200 microns.  Very, very superficial.  These procedures will not work for wrinkle or scar removal.

You wouldn’t want your doctor to use the same medicine to treat you that they use to treat every other person in the door.  Everyone has specific needs.  Other technologies of laser treat everyone the same way.  We dial in to your specific needs even changing setting during treatment for specialized areas of concern.

Not only do we have the most advanced machines on the market today but Dr. DePasquale and our Licensed Aesthetician Kira Fernandes were both personally trained by Solta Medical. Some companies choose to rent their equipment from Laser rental companies; this allows a company to offer lower prices. While renting equipment allows companies to a offer lower price it comes with many downfalls. Each physician or aesthetician that uses the Fraxel technologies must be registered or authorized to use the equipment. Physicians who rent their machines from others are not properly trained or certified by Solta Medical. Lasers that are transported back and forth several times a week can lose the accuracy of the machine causing the results to be compromised since damaged Lasers may cause burns or blisters. Often time’s companies will manipulate the tip of the machine to last longer and treat more patients, this may also cause blisters or burning.

We are proud to say that our machines are owned solely by Avanti Medical Spa and are not leased to any other physician or transported to other offices. We keep the machines maintained properly and are trained by Solta Medical to use the equipment. Both Dr. DePasquale and Kira have attended laser certification courses for class four lasers in addition to training provided from Solta Medical. Our patients want and deserve the most natural looking appearance with little to no down time. Here at Avanti Medical Spa, we specialize in results!